LSU not using contraflow after football games this year
Posted on 9/4/2015 3:44:00 AM.

LSU football starts this weekend and there are a few traffic changes for fans to know about. LSU Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette says contraflow after the games will no longer be used on Nicholson Drive, but they plan to utilize Burbank Drive more, which is a four-lane road, to help fans exit campus.

“We left like last year with contraflow it had more of a stop and go effect. I think anybody that sits in traffic realizes that if you’re moving you feel okay about it, but it’s that stop and go effect that frustrates you.”

Bonnette says street parking is not allowed on Nicholson or Burbank due to safety concerns. But he says public parking will be allowed this year at University Recreation Fields along River Road.

“Those will be used for SEC games when we’ll know that we’ll have many more cars on campus but all in all, I’d say probably the number of parking spots we have on campus is about the same from last year.”

Bonnette says people need to understand, traffic isn’t going to go away but they’re trying to manage it to the best of their ability. He advises fans to enjoy the beautiful campus and tailgates and try to cooperate the best you can when leaving campus.

“After the game, just be patient and know that we’re working as best we can to get people home as best we can in a safe and efficient manner.”

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