Holiday shopping season underway
Posted on 11/27/2015 2:47:00 AM.

The National Retail Federation is expecting retailers to see healthy sales gains this holiday season. Spokesperson Kathy Grannis says sales are expected to increase about 3.7% overall in November and December, which is a slight decline from what we saw last year. She says the reason growth isn’t as much in 2015 is likely the direction of the economy.

“The economy simply could be a little bit better, meaning that there could be more jobs, there could be higher wage growth, the market threw a loop for many people through a lot of the year.”

Grannis says it’s estimated that the average holiday shopper in the south is estimated to spend around 775 dollars this season, not too far off from the national average of 805 dollars. She says hot items this year are toys, a wide range of electronics for adults and jewelry.

“The jewelry sector itself can see as much as 30% of its annual sale come during just the final two months of the year.”

Grannis says last year, Barbie lost out to Disney’s Frozen dolls but she has regained her crown as the top selling girls toy this season, which is good news to stores selling Barbie’s. She says retailers are getting creative with their promotions to get customers to come into stores rather than just buying online.

“It’s no longer just about the lowest prices over Thanksgiving weekend. It’s all of the other things that come along with it. So it’s maybe the early Thanksgiving openings or the free gift with purchase if you spend a certain amount.”

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