4 firetrucks Louisiana donated to NYFD after 9-11 are still in use
Posted on 9/11/2017 8:27:00 PM.

After 9-11 , former Governor Mike Foster started the "Bucks for Trucks" campaign, where Louisianans donated money to purchase a new firetruck for the New York City Fire Department.

Enough money was raised to build four firetrucks at Ferrera Fire Apparatus in Livingston Parish. Former owner, Chris Ferrera says 1.2 million dollars was raised and all of the trucks are still in use 16 years later.   

Former owner, Chris Ferrera says $1.2 million was raised and all of the trucks are still in use 16 years later.

“Believe it or not, three are still in service with the city of New York. I was up there not too long ago and one of them was being serviced and it’s being used every day in the city of New York.”

Ferrera says one truck was actually sent to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and is currently in use by the Louisiana Fire Marshal’s Office.

“They put a lot of wear and tear on it so we brought it back into the factory and totally refurbished the truck. We had to put in a new transmission, overhauling the engine because it had so much use on it.”

Ferrera says it’s so amazing that the people of the Bayou State came together and the legacy continues. He says the first firetruck went on a tour before ending up in New York City.

“It was unveiled at the Superdome at Monday Night Football, from there it left to go to the White House. President George W. Bush had called and said I’d like to see the truck before it gets to New York.”

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