US 4th District race: Jones conservative Democrat vs Republican state Rep Johnson
Posted on 11/11/2016 6:31:00 AM.

Republican State Representative Mike Johnson will go up against Democratic attorney Marshall Jones in the runoff for the 4th Congressional District seat. Johnson says he and his team are excited about the runoff, and they’re already working hard on continuing their campaign.

“We’ve got an army of enthusiastic volunteers and supporters and family and friends who’ve helped us cover all that ground, and we’re going to continue doing that all the way through December 10 for the runoff,” Johnson said.

Johnson says his message will be the same going into the runoff as it was entering the general election- record matters more than rhetoric. He says candidates often craft a message they think voters want to hear, and he says they should look at candidates’ records.

“We’ve been really proud to put our record up there and let everybody examine that, and when they’ve done that, that message has resonated. They’ve seen what we’ve been about, and I think they’ve rewarded that at the polls,” Johnson said.

Jones says everyone wants an outsider in Washington these days, and as a business attorney who’s never held office, he is a true outsider.

“I also think of Washington as the Dysfunctional City where politicians spend their time fighting each other and not representing the people,” Jones said.

Jones was the lone Democrat in the race and was the favorite to make the runoff, but he isn’t concerned about what party he belongs to. He says he considers himself a conservative, and he can get along with anyone.

“I could care less whether any of our colleagues in Washington after I’m elected are Republicans or Democrats because ‘m going to do everything I can to get along with anybody and everybody, cause that’s in the best interest of 4th District,” Jones said.

Mike Johnson, Marshall Jones, 4th Congressional District

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