LPSO: 75% of Livingston parish is a total loss
Posted on 8/16/2016 10:28:00 AM.

About 75% of Livingston parish is a total loss. That’s according Sheriff Jason Ard who also says 5,000 people are in local shelters, but there have not been any fatalities. Parish President Layton Ricks says there are over 25 shelters set up throughout the parish.

“We’re well aware of all the needs we need to meet in the parish. We’re working tirelessly with National Guard, Sheriff’s Department, Red Cross and others. There’ve been some issues with getting food and water to our shelters,” Ricks said.

The sheriff’s office reports up to 20,000 people were rescued in this historic flood, and they advise people not to try to return to their homes yet. Ricks says they are still conducting search and rescues, and anyone who needs help can call 686-3996.

“We’re still rescuing people. As the water moves south, we’re having to go down south. Sheriff’s Department and National Guard are trying to pull people out and make sure they’re safe and get them to the shelters,” Ricks said.

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a few people on looting charges, and they are reportedly working to keep looters away from homes and businesses. Ricks says this is the worst flooding Livingston parish has ever seen. But he is hopeful that the community will pull together.

“This is the most devastating thing that we could have had happen, but we’re resilient. We’re working together, and with God’s help we will all make it through it,” Ricks said.

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