Survey shows more than 80% of Louisianians believe movies are good for the economy
Posted on 4/21/2015 4:14:00 AM.
According to an LSU Public Policy Polling survey done for the state's film industry, 80% of Louisianians agree it's good for the economy to have movies made here. The survey also found that about half of the public isn't aware that Louisiana is No. 1 in the nation for movie production.

Baton Rouge's Celtic Studios Executive Director Patrick Mulhearn says movies mean jobs.

"People are seeing these jobs and I think it's amazing that one in 10 people either work in the industry or close to someone who is," said Mulhearn.

48% of those polled said they had a positive opinion of the film tax credit program. 

Mulhearn says while not perfect, the tax benefits are helping put money in people's pockets.

"We all know that we're in a bad budget situation this year and I think the film industry is even willing to give a little," said Mulhearn. "We all want this to last for the long term."

Mulhearn says Louisiana has been nicknamed Hollywood South and he believes people like that.

"People are proud of the fact that we're number one at something positive and are a world competitor," said Mulhearn. "We want to keep it that way and stay competitive."


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