AAA: Gas prices could go up in Louisiana
Posted on 2/7/2014 11:59:00 AM.
Gas prices in Louisiana have been flat this year but the American Automobile Association warns motorists to expect to see the price at the pump go up soon. AAA Fuel Analyst Don Redman says that is because refineries will soon shut down so they can produce a summer blend of gasoline.

"We should brace ourselves for a minimum of about a 50 cent increase as we get into the spring, but that is if everything goes well," Redman says.

Louisiana's current statewide average is $3.12. That is 27 cents lower than a year ago. Redman says before we see a spike in gas prices, we may actually see them drop a few cents.

"Right now they have the winter blend gasoline, which has demand down largely because of winter storms, so they are going to try to get rid of that product. So you might actually see a case where we see a spade of really good prices, below three dollars a gallon," Redman says.

Redman says there is not always a certain way to tell how much gas will go up from winter to spring but it is usually a 50 cent increase.

"We have seen wild fluctuations in prices, typically beginning in February. We have seen in the past three years peaks and spikes in prices almost across the entire spring calendar," Redman says.
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