SNAP work requirements in farm bill supported by Congressman Ralph Abraham
Posted on 4/13/2018 5:08:00 AM.
The proposed Federal Farm bill contains work requirements for able-bodied 18 to 59-year-olds who receive SNAP benefits.  A beneficiary would have to work or enrolled in a work training program at least 20 hours a week. Republican Congressman Ralph Abraham says the requirement will filter out persons who choose to take advantage of the welfare system.

“I’m sure there are some that want to work, but again… if they want to be recipients of this SNAP program, then they are going to have to ‘get in the game’ and do what we ask them to do,” said Abraham.

Exemptions would be given to caretakers with children under six-years-old, pregnant women and those mentally or physically disabled. Abraham says the work requirement is not intended to harm individuals, the goal is to help break the cycle of poverty and help people climb the economic ladder…

“I look at it as offering them an opportunity, not penalizing them for receiving SNAP, but that’s an opportunity to improve their lifestyle.”

The Democratic National Committee is against the bill, saying Republicans are imposing unproven requirements limiting access to SNAP, forcing over five-million food-stamp recipients to stricter work requirements.

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