Fort Polk woman gets to decorate White House
Posted on 12/1/2018 4:31:00 AM.

A Fort Polk interior designer and military spouse had the honor to  join 150 volunteers for the annual Christmas decoration of the White House. Amy Hirata was one of 7,000 applicants to participate in the festive activities in the nation’s capital. Hirata says her team was put to work getting ornaments ready to hang.

“The first day we sorted and organized all of the new ornaments and décor, and what was used from past years. We were on wiring all of the ornaments.”

She says the design was created in part by the First Lady, and described it as a traditional Christmas theme full of reds, golds, and greens. Hirata says each room was designed to highlight some of the best aspects of American life.

“The gold star tree when you first enter, and then so on to the rest of the house there were pieces of the produce that we grow here, and all of the cities that are in our country.”

Most teams focused on decorating just one of the many historic rooms in the White House, but Hirata says her work can be seen throughout the entire grounds…

“My bows got to be in more than just one room! So when I walked through at the reception, it was extra special to be able to see a piece of my work in each room.”

She says she’s particularly proud of her work on the library room, which featured her large green plaid and red velvet ribbons.

Amy Hirata, Melania Trump, White House, Chirstmas, Louisiana, 2018

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