Black Friday sales ads released early
Posted on 11/14/2014 10:42:00 AM.
We're two weeks away from the Black Friday shopping frenzy and some retailers have already revealed their special deals.  Best Buy, Walmart, and Target are a few of the stores that have already released their Black Friday sales ads.  

Assistant Professor of Marketing at LSU, Dan Rice, says these stores want to get into people's minds early.
"So when people are starting to plan their Black Friday shopping trips, and other shopping trips, that they'll have that recency and, maybe, primacy in their mind of being the first one there, have a particularly good deal that they remember."

He says these stores want to get out there early to make sure somebody else doesn't beat them to the punch.  Rice says this is a situation where one releases their ad early and others follow suit.

"Because, if you find yourself standing on the sideline and you have a competitor who's advertising aggressively, then even if your deals are better, if people don't know about them they're not likely to frequent your store instead of your competitor."

He says stores typically advertise deep discounts on electronics for Black Friday.  But Rice says you should always keep your eyes open because you could find great deals before or after Black Friday.

"And I think the thing that people come to expect is that the Black Friday sales are going to give you the best price, when in reality that's not true for a lot of products."

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