State lawmaker seeking public input on immigration
Posted on 7/21/2014 3:38:00 PM.
The tens of thousands of children crossing over into neighboring Texas is raising concerns Louisiana may face an immigration problem of it's own. Denham Springs Representative Valarie Hodges, a member of the House Committee on Criminal Justice, is calling on the state leadership to develop a plan of action for immigration in Louisiana. She says the crisis next door is spreading to states across the country.

 "We have a major crisis that is going on in Texas, but it's not just effecting Texas, its going to effect the rest of the United States."
With Texas shelters currently overflowing with the unaccompanied children, Hodges is concerned that Louisiana facilities may be used to house the immigrants. Hodges says she would like citizens to visit her Facebook page and take a survey, to voice their concerns.
"A lot of these aliens are being sent to other states. We think that they will be sent here, and i just want to hear the pulse of the people"
The tens of thousands of children crossing the border into the US are being driven, in large part, out of their Central American homes by escalating violence related to gang warfare and drugs. Hodges says she is concerned that the immigrants may be brining that violence with them.
"There's gang members, there's drug cartels. It's a humanitarian crisis, but what you are seeing in a lot of these pictures is older teenage young men."

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