LSU Health releases detailed report on cancer prone areas of Louisiana
Posted on 4/5/2018 4:06:00 AM.

LSU Health New Orleans has released a first of its kind report that allows Louisiana residents to see if people in their local area are more or less prone to cancer.

Louisiana Tumor Registry broke the state up into 1,148 sectors, and compared their rate of cancer to the state average. LTR Liason Lauren Maniscalco says it’s a great resource in the fight against cancer.

“It allows us to look at smaller areas at the parish level and drill down and compare those smaller areas to the state.”

After digging into the numbers, Maniscalco says they found one concerning statistic.

“1/5 of the 1100 plus census tracks were found to have a significantly higher incidence rate when compared to the state.”

Wana know if your home is in one of those problem areas? Check out the full map and report by googling Louisiana Tumor Registry 2018.

But those living in the dreaded “Cancer Alley”, the area stretching from West Baton Rouge to St. Charles Parish, have some good news. Maniscalco says while there are some smaller problem areas, the Parishes in the state’s industrial belt aren’t particularly any worse off than other areas.

“We haven’t at the parish level found any statistically significant higher rates in these parishes.”

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