EBR Parish Sheriff's Office Under Fire for Crime Against Nature Sting Arrests
Posted on 7/29/2013 10:31:00 AM.
The East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office is under fire for making undercover arrests of allegedly gay men for violating an old and unenforcable state law. Carrie Wooten is with the gay/lesbian advocacy group, the Capital City Alliance. She says deputies have been arresting men for just talking with undercover cops about sexual contact.
Louisiana's enforcability of crime against nature was stricken down by a 2003 Supreme Court ruling. Others have been vocally critical of Sheriff Sid Gautreaux's office and the gay arrest policy. A Baton Rouge city councilman and the Louisiana ACLU have also condemned the arrests. Wooten says the arrests are a humiliating waste of time. Wooten says her group sent the Sheriff a petition asking him to refrain from targeting gay people for arrests for the crime against nature law. She says he's agreed to work with her group to ask lawmakers to remove the overturned law from state statutes. Wooten says there's been plenty of public backlash.
CApital City Alliance, Sheriff Sid Gautreaux, EBR Parish

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