East Carroll Parish house fire claims the life of one
Posted on 9/8/2015 10:41:00 AM.
The State Fire Marshal's Office says a house fire in East Carroll Parish has taken the life of a Lake Providence man.  Kenneth Jefferson died in route to the hospital from injuries suffered while trying to put out the fire.  

Fire Marshal Butch Browning says they believe unsafe smoking habits likely played a part in the blaze.
"At this point we have a 54-year-old man that's passed away in this fire and we believe that he, in fact, was actually smoking in the bed and that's what possibly caused this fire."

He believes Jefferson and his girlfriend, Anita Jones, were asleep when the fire started.  Jones told investigators that she and Jefferson were habitual smokers who often smoked in bed.  Browning says smoking inside a building is dangerous, particularly while lying in bed.

"You know, fall asleep, forget that they may have been smoking and, inadvertently, a discarded cigarette causes a fire.  So we totally discourage smoking inside of a building.  Have a safe place outside."

Jones says she saw Jefferson attempting to put out the fire while she ran to call for help.  Browning says whenever there is a fire, one should notify everyone in the area and then escape to safety, rather than stay behind to put out the fire.

"In a lot of cases the fire is one danger, but the toxic smoke that comes from that fire incapacitates people real quickly and they become trapped themselves." 
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