El Nino could bring cooler, wetter weather to Louisiana
Posted on 10/19/2015 3:16:00 AM.
NOAA weather forecasters predict that a very strong El Nino will bring some much needed rain to Louisiana in the coming months.  State Climatologist Barry Keim says the state can expect cooler and wetter than normal conditions for the coming winter and spring. 

"Temperatures tend to run about 2 to 3 degrees below normal during an El Nino event, precipitation tends to run about 25-percent above normal."

Forecasters called this El Nino one of the strongest on record.  In addition to rainfall, Keim says El Ninos tend to bring more freezing weather, too.

"I did a little analysis for some sites across south Louisiana.  What I'm finding is that we're getting twice as many freeze days during an El Nino year than we do during a non-El Nino year.  That's incredible."

Because of the strength of this El Nino, Keim says it could cause some adverse weather conditions for Louisiana this winter.

"The potential for more freezes, perhaps an even greater potential for freezing rain and maybe even snow going into this winter."
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