Federal judge sides with Alton Sterling protesters in suit against cops in Baton Rouge
Posted on 10/27/2017 1:42:00 PM.
A federal judge agrees with Alton Sterling protesters in a class action lawsuit against Baton Rouge law enforcement agencies. A hearing was held Friday morning involving about 80 protesters who were arrested last year. The ACLU of Louisiana filed a similar lawsuit but one that did not seek damages.

Executive Director Marjorie Esman applauds the ruling, "It's entirely appropriate when law enforcement oversteps that there be damages for those who are victims."

The plaintiffs will receive a combined total of about $136,000, which amounts to individual payments ranging from $500-$1000. Esman says she hopes law enforcement in Baton Rouge has learned a lesson.

"You can not arrest people just because they are protesting and you don't like what they're protesting," said Esman.
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Provided by ABC News

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