Online game lets Louisianans find their own solution to the fiscal cliff
Posted on 3/7/2018 4:01:00 AM.

The Manship School at LSU has created a game that lets voters put forward their own plan on how to address the billion dollar fiscal cliff. “Solve The Budget” presents players with a list of budget items that can be cut or funded, and tax proposals that can be adopted to rejected to close the budget gap.

Manship Dean Jerry Ceppos is encouraging everyone to hop online and give it a try.

“What a wonderful way to get the thoughts of thousands of Louisiana residents. There’s sort of no better way to get the gut feeling of what thousands of people would suggest what their legislators would do.”

Budgetary issues are not easy to digest, just ask the legislators from the recent failed special session, but Ceppos says the game will help players understand the big ticket budget issues.

“It’s probably unrealistic to expect people to dig into thousands of pages of budget documents, so that’s why we think the game is a good way to introduce people to the key subjects.”

Early results from the first 1700 people to play are mixed, with only Medicaid reform and some tax proposals receiving a noticeable level of support. Ceppos says last year, support for one category stood out.

“Education is very important to people, probably not a big surprise, but reassuring to those of us in education.”

The website is

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