Fish kills possible with cold weather
Posted on 1/8/2018 1:24:00 PM.

Louisiana is recovering from a week of hard freezes that shut down production in some of our most popular industries. Fishing in particular took the week off, burrowing deep into the mud and away from anglers hooks. Wildlife and Fisheries biologist Alex Perret says fisherman’s best bets is to wait for the coldest weather to pass.

“The fish are going to slow down, it’s going to be harder to catch fish. Bass, you’re still going to be able to catch them, you’re just going to want to fish during the warmer parts of the days, a couple of days after the front passes.”
Fish kills can occur as a result of freezing temperatures. Perret says it’s uncommon, but not unheard of. 
“It’s just something that happens. Typically we don’t get cold weather like this, it’s definitely not an every year thing. You just have to understand that when these shallow areas freeze over that you might see some fish mortality.”

If you do find a fish kill, Wildlife and Fisheries is requesting that you get in contact with them and provide some basic information such as the location and size of the kill. Perret says it’s a public safety interest…

“Although we may believe that it is probably caused by the cold weather, there’s always a chance that there’s something else causing the fish kills.”

If the water remains below 40 degrees for more than a day, Perret says you should probably anticipate a tougher day of fishing.
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