Representative is happy with retreat meeting to help solve state budget issues
Posted on 10/13/2017 2:17:00 PM.

Louisiana legislators met for a one day retreat this week to consider what needs to be done to prevent falling off a fiscal cliff. The state is facing a 1-point-38-billion dollar cut in funding when extra temporary tax revenue ends July 1st. Minden Representative and House Democratic Caucus chairman Gene Reynolds says they are one step closer to resolving the issue.

"We'll try to consolidate some of these ideas down to maybe four or five pathways that we can agree on and get the votes", Reynolds said.  "Then we;ll be able to call a special session and get something done."

As much as legislators don’t want to consider tax increases, Reynolds says the public needs to talk with their representatives to urge them to find a solution everyone can agree on, no matter the cost.

"Get behind your Representative or your Senator and make sure that you tell them that it's ok to find a solution that you like", Reynolds said.

If some don’t understand the concept completely of what this means for the state, Reynolds says now is the time to become informed.

"That's part of the plan too.  We want to be able to take that research out there to the public and let them what the deal is", Reynolds said. 
65 members of the House attended the meeting Thursday.
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