House rejects tax increase for roads and bridges
Posted on 5/28/2015 1:09:00 PM.
The state House has rejected legislation that would increase the state's sales tax by one-cent for road and bridge improvements.  Plaquemine Representative Karen St. Germain's bill overwhelmingly failed to get a two-thirds vote of elected members it needed to pass.

St. Germain says HB 778 would help with the backlog in road and bridge projects facing the state.
"It is to pay for the construction of these projects.  This is not putting a debt into state coffers, this is a pay as we go."

The state is currently facing a backlog of $12 billion in road and bridge needs.  St. Germain says the bill could generate over $7 billion over the next decade to fund specific highway projects.  She says the neglect of Louisiana's roadways has gone on long enough.

"Our highways and bridges have gone to hell in a hand basket."

The House vote was 52-42.  The measure needed 70 votes to pass.  St. Germain says improving state roadways would enhance the lives of all Louisianians.

"They need health care.  They need education.  They need to be able to get there." 
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