Governor Jindal sends staffers to Iowa
Posted on 4/1/2015 10:59:00 AM.
Governor Bobby Jindal takes another step toward a potential presidential run by sending two members of his staff to Iowa.  Taylor Teepell and Matt Parker will move to the Hawkeye State where they'll work for the governor's new political organization called the America Future Project.  

LaPolitics-dot-com Publisher Jeremy Alford says this shows how serious Jindal is about running for president.
"You don't create a team in Iowa, spend that money and put resources behind it, and then actually pull folks from your own staff within your governor's office."

Recent poll numbers have not been kind to the governor.  They show Jindal polling in the single digits, well behind other expected Republican candidates for the nomination.  Alford says no eventual president has polled below 15-percent at this point in the process and been successful with the exception of Bill Clinton.

"I guess the question to that point is 'Is Bobby Jindal a Bill Clinton candidate?'  Can he walk into a room, energize a crowd, and turn things around?  Can he be the next comeback kid?"

Alford says despite the seemingly steep uphill battle in front of him, Jindal is moving forward with his campaign plans.  The governor is expected to make an announcement following this year's legislative session.  Alford says presidential candidates often run for the office with other aspirations in mind.

"Sometimes they're working the angles and hoping to end up as the number two on the ticket, as a VP candidate, or maybe they see a secretary's position in their future." 
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