LA Wallet is more than just a digital copy of your driver's license
Posted on 7/7/2018 4:40:00 PM.

The LA Wallet app that allows Louisianans to access a digital copy of their driver’s license, is available now on your Iphone or Android app store. The app was developed by a Louisiana company, Envoc, with offices in Baton Rouge and Hammond. Envoc CEO Calvin Fabre says it comes with all kinds of convenient perks.

“The benefit to the citizen is that it does a daily validity check on their license, so you will know immediately whether your license is suspended, or expired,” said Fabre. 

The app is a useable substitute for any state based license checks, like traffic stops, and in the near future could be valid for ID checks in bars, other states, and at the airport. In the event someone totally clears you out, taking your wallet and phone, Fabre says you can still access your license on other devices.

“It’s so secure that you have your own user ID and password, so you can log onto your kids phone with your secure credentials to retrieve your license.”

Often states have to look outside their borders for software development, usually to the west coast, but this time a home grown tech company took the lead producing the first digital driver’s license app for a state in the United States. Fabre says this is good indicator of the healthy growth in the Bayou tech sector.

“Louisiana is considered the Silicon Bayou for many reasons. We have excellent technical talent, but also the state is very business and technology friendly.”

LA Wallet comes with a 5.99 activation fee.

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