Louisiana Joins 20 Other States in Challenging Federal Ban on Handgun Sales to persons Under 21.
Posted on 9/5/2013 3:53:00 AM.

Attorney General Buddy Caldwell joins attorneys general in 20 other states in signing on to a lawsuit supporting the National Rifle Association's Supreme Court petition to lift a federal ban on sales of handguns to persons over 18 but under 21. Assistant AG Patricia Wilton says the case is really all about states' rights - which the High Court has circumvented.

The brief, which was originally filed by Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, argues that the law barring those between 18 and 21 from buying handguns is a violation of their 2nd Amendment rights. Wilton says our state laws allow persons 18 and older to legally buy pistols, and the federal law violates that as well. Wilton says persons 18 through 20 can serve in the military and perhaps died in service, but the federal ban still treats them as juveniles. She says the ruling is inconsistent at best. 21 states, including our own, are asking the High Court to reverse the ruling and let states make that decision.
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