Mainieri hopes the Tigers are past their offensive troubles
Posted on 4/4/2016 5:21:00 PM.
After scoring 18 runs in its last two games, LSU Coach Paul Mainieri hopes his team has broken out of its offensive slump. Prior to Saturday's doubleheader, the Tigers scored six runs in their last four games. Mainieri believes the team started gaining confidence in the 9th inning of Saturday's 8-5 loss to Auburn.

"And we had that late inning really that I just felt carried over into the second game and all of a sudden... remember we hadn't scored more than one run in the previous two games, three of the last four games, all of a sudden we got some more runs and guys started have more fun and running the bases and this game can really play with your mind."
Mainieri credits catcher Jordan Romero for helping LSU overcome its offensive struggles, as he hit a home run and drove in seven runs during the series against Auburn.
"There's a thing in coaching that you love to see. You give kids an opportunity and seize the moment. What Jordan did this weekend I think defines seizing the moment."
Mainieri is not concerned about ace pitcher Alex Lange despite the sophomore right-hander giving up seven in a loss to Auburn. The Tiger's skipper credits Lange for battling through a tough performance.
"I think Lange showed his true medal in adverse situation. He could've very easily given up, quit, forced us to use our whole bullpen. We could've gotten blown out in the game, but that didn't happen. You know, instead of feeling sorry for himself he kept competing right to the end. He saved our bullpen by going another two to three innings."
LSU hosts Southern on Tuesday night and welcome Vanderbilt to Baton Rouge on Thursday. 
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