LSU Psych Prof: Darren Sharper alleged behavior points to possible insecurity and lack of self confidence
Posted on 2/21/2014 1:41:00 PM.
Michelle Southern reporting.
Former NFL star Darren Sharper pleaded not guilty Thursday to rape allegations in Los Angeles and is banned from night clubs and being alone with women. Sharper is being investigated for allegedly drugging and raping women in five other states. LSU Heath Science Psychiatry Professor Michelle Moore says rapists are extremely insecure people.

"And they lack a lot of self-confidence and when they drug these women they render the victim powerless," Moore said. "Therefore they gain all of the control and all of the power in the relationship which then builds their confidence in a very sadistic type of way."

In most cases Sharper is accused of spiking victims drinks with sedatives then raping them while they are passed out.

Moore says behavior that the former Saint is being accused of is a pathological addiction.

"And much more constraining when you see things like this happen over and over," said Moore.

Moore says even though it might seem bizarre that a good looking, wealthy athlete would use drugs in order to seduce women, people with fame and success can still be insecure.

Sharper would allegedly target victims in their low 20s at nightclubs. Moore says young women should be careful when accepting a drink from someone they don't know.

"It's generally not advised to allow somebody to buy you a drink and then come hand it to you unless you see where that drink has been since it was made," says Moore. "It's kind-of like at the're never supposed to leave your luggage unattended. At a bar, never leave your drink unattended."
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