Alexandria Rep. Lance Harris re-elected after opponent drops out
Posted on 9/24/2015 10:44:00 AM.
Alexandria Representative Lance Harris has been re-elected to his state House seat after his lone opponent withdrew from next month's election.  The Secretary of State's Office reports that Vivian Brossett of Boyce dropped out of the race for the District 25 House seat.

Harris says he's grateful for another term in office.
"I feel humbled, I feel blessed and thankful that I'm able to serve my district and the state for four more years."

Harris is the current chairman of the state House Republican Delegation.  He expects the state's budget issues to be the main focus for lawmakers for years to come.  Harris says the recent report from the Jindal Administration that Louisiana ended its most recent fiscal year with a deficit is troubling.

"That's a very, very big concern of mine because we'll have to absorb it in this year's budget, which will make us have to have possibly mid-year cuts and things of that nature."

Harris is hopeful that legislators can make appropriate changes to the budget under the leadership of our next governor.  He says we didn't get into this budget mess overnight and it will take time to fix it.  Harris believes it will take a plan laid out over several years that solves the most critical problems first.

"And then, every year, come back and work on this until we have those changes in place that assures that the state of Louisiana has sound fiscal footing." 
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