Landrieu pushes Cassidy on alleged double-dipping
Posted on 12/1/2014 11:13:00 AM.
In the final week of the Senate campaign, Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu is making a big issue over time sheets that possibly show her opponent, Republican Bill Cassidy, was paid by the LSU Health Sciences Center for work he never did.  Landrieu says the 16 statements that have been made public are full of inconsistencies.

"For instance, some of them are not signed, at all.  Some of them are in duplicate, in other words, he did the exact same thing for six weeks in a row, which is very unlikely."

Landrieu has called on Cassidy to produce all 63 time sheets in question for tonight's debate.  A request from Cassidy's office seeking comment was not returned.  Landrieu says another issue here is that Congressmen are allowed to only make $26,000 a year in outside work on top of their Congressional salary.

"The evidence that has been presented by Congressman Cassidy, himself, and LSU suggests that his package was a package valued at almost $50,000."

Cassidy and Landrieu will meet in a televised debate tonight.  Landrieu says Cassidy has been hiding from his record during the campaign.

"We didn't know why he didn't want to debate.  Now, perhaps, this is the reason because he knew he could potentially get caught double dipping."

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