National Lightning Safety Week is this week
Posted on 6/23/2014 4:30:00 AM.
This week is National Lightning Safety Week.  Louisiana ranks third among all states in lightning strike damage and insurance claims according to State Farm.  Spokesperson Gary Stephenson says the most damage comes from powerful electrical surges into the home. 

He says there are ways to prevent or reduce the threat of damage.
"It's good to have a home surge protector.  Also device surge protection units that you can plug in right as you plug in the TV, the computer, or whatever it might be.  It's an additional surge protector."
Lightning isn't preventable, but the use of home and device surge protection and appropriate grounding systems can protect the home.  Stephenson says fire is another cause of damage resulting from lightning strikes.
"About 30,000 house fires every year.  You want to make sure your home has a proper grounding system installed.  That's very important."
Summer is the highest risk and deadliest period for lightning strikes.  85% of lightning victims are children and young men under the age of 35.  Stephenson says lightning is the number two cause of death from weather related events, behind flooding.
"Tornadoes probably get the most attention and, from time to time, those are obviously horrendous.  But, year end year out, lightning strikes ranks, typically, second as the cause of death.  So it's something to be aware of.  Because the summer is when about three-fourths of the damage from lightning occurs."
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