State Supreme Court overturns amendment barring convicted felons from seeking office
Posted on 1/28/2016 10:29:00 AM.
The Louisiana Supreme Court overturns a constitutional amendment that prohibits convicted felons from running for political office.  In their ruling, the Court says what residents voted on in 1997 did not match what was enacted by the state legislature.  

Legal analyst Tim Meche says this was a very considered opinion by the justices.
"They're not saying that the legislature and the voting public cannot bar felons running for office, they're just saying, in this instance, they didn't do it the right way."

Voters approved the amendment barring convicted felons from seeking office for 15 years after the end of their sentence.  However, the ballot version omitted an exemption passed by the legislature for those only sentenced to probation.  Meche says this is an example of inexcusable sloppiness in the state legislature.

"It'll be interesting to see what explanations are given as to how this foul up occurred."

He believes lawmakers will likely bring this issue up to voters again, based on the Louisiana Supreme Court's ruling.  Meche says the Court's message to the state legislature is very clear.

"They told the legislature to go back to the drawing board and, for God's sakes, if they're going to do this, do it the right way." 
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