Rob Maness speaks to Baton Rouge Press Club
Posted on 7/14/2014 5:39:00 PM.
Retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness says his strength as a candidate in this year's US Senate race is that he's not a career politician. Maness talked about his candidacy during a speaking event in Baton Rouge and said if elected he'll hold himself to just two terms and work to develop solutions to solve the country's problems.

"If you want a solutions oriented Louisiana and an American who understands what it's like to risk his life and ask other Americans to risk their life for the principles in the Constitution of the United States and will not compromise on that, but will find solutions for our country ranging from liberty to budget, Rob Maness is your guy."

Maness is one of two main Republican challengers to Democratic incumbent Mary Landrieu. Baton Rouge Congressman Bill Cassidy is the other Republican candidate. Maness hit on several topics during his visit with the Baton Rouge Press Club, including immigration reform.
"What I support is securing our boarders, showing ourselves that we have secured our boarders, enforcing our current laws.  And over the time that we have shown ourselves that we have secured our borders and enforced our current law, assess that law to see what reforms might need to be made."
Maness also says Congress should not rule out impeachment proceedings against President Obama for over-stepping his Constitutional authority.  He says he's on record as saying he thinks those sitting in the House should be doing their constitutional duty.
"And if it requires them to go to impeachment, regardless of what party is in power in the Senate, they should be doing it.  I happen to believe, that based on what I've seen in open source media, that there is a valid reason to at least look at it."
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