Meet the guy who paints LSU's Tiger Eye on the field at Death Valley
Posted on 11/10/2017 11:42:00 AM.
Michelle Southern reporting. 
Have you ever wondered who is responsible for painting LSU’s Eye of the Tiger in Death Valley? It's LSU graduate Hunter Sexton who is the Sports Turf Manager for Tiger Stadium. He says it's the coolest job ever.

"It's easy to take a lot of pride in the work," said Sexton.

Sexton says he’s been painting fields since he was a kid, and to be able to work full time for LSU is a huge honor. He says he records the games at home, and goes back and watches every play to see how the eye looks.

"You really don't fully comprehend the time and the significance of the work that we do until you take part in it," said Sexton.

Sexton says the entire process of getting the field ready for the games takes about two hours. He says you have to paint white and purple first, wait on those to dry and then finish up with the gold.

"Ours looks a lot different, it's not a logo with hard edges," said Sexton. "It kinda changes from week to week and that's the most fun part about it is getting that faded look that we like."
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