National Guard: bunker that exploded at Camp Minden designed to handle blasts
Posted on 9/29/2016 6:01:00 PM.

The Louisiana National Guard says the bunker that exploded at Camp Minden operated the way it was designed to handle such a blast, as it contained and controlled the M6 propellant. Matt Harris with Louisiana State Police says no people or property were hurt in the explosion.

“Those bunkers are designed to make that explosion go upward, and it minimized the effect in the surrounding area,” Harris said.

About 15 million pounds of explosives were moved to Camp Minden after they were improperly stored several years ago. Harris says the earth covered bunkers are made to withstand that kind of blast to keep the debris and the damage to a minimum.

“We also posted a video, and although it looks like a huge explosion, it’s actually very minimal compared to what we had four years ago,” Harris said.

Harris says they still aren’t sure exactly why the M6 went off spontaneously, but their investigation into the matter is ongoing.

“Basically all this is from here on out is an investigation as to why this explosion happened, what caused it to happen, and how we can prevent it from happening in the future,” Harris said.

Matt Harris, Camp Minden, Louisiana National Guard

Provided by ABC News

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