Retail stores to temporarily stop selling hunting and fishing licenses
Posted on 1/13/2018 3:55:00 AM.

Sportsman will be unable to renew their hunting and fishing licenses at retail stores for two months starting January 30th while the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries transitions to a new system. Spokesperson Rene LeBreton says the state has a new vendor for licensing.

“In selecting this new vendor we’ve got some new equipment that needs to be installed at these locations, and they’ve got to train these employees at these stores.”

They will be available again at retail stores April 2nd.

LeBreton says the new system will be more convenient.

“Reprinting your licenses will be free by going to the website, they’ll have an auto renew option not immediately but down the road.”

LeBreton says LDWF is working towards tying together all of your licenses into one login in the future.

While retailers are training on the new system, licenses will still be available through the LDWF website, but LeBreton says he understands that not everyone is comfortable applying online…

“Some people are just adverse to online sales, so if you really are going to need one then go to your retailer now.”

Licenses will also be available at regional offices and LDWF headquarters. All license sales will be unavailable from January 30th to 31st.

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