Legislative task force proposes new gaming laws
Posted on 1/19/2018 3:22:00 AM.

A legislative task force is recommending Louisiana loosen its restrictions on where gambling can take place. The task force put forward two recommendations to make bayou gaming more nationally competitive. Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns says one of those proposals involves allowing riverboat casinos some inland real estate.

 "We said they would be allowed to build on land and it could be no more than 1200 feet from their existing facility."
Existing regulations only allow a certain square footage of “gaming space”, and Johns says this requirement is antiquated considering the size of new slot machines.
"We're going to propose legislation to get away from square footage and go to a defined number of gaming machines that can be put in one particular license."
Johns says if the proposals are adopted, you shouldn’t expect to see an increase in the number of Louisiana casinos.
"I can assure everybody that we are not expanding the number of licenses and we are not creating a whole bunch of new casinos around the state." 

These proposals will be put before legislators during the upcoming legislative session.

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