State Troopers involved in side trip to Las Vegas have punishment reduced
Posted on 8/10/2018 6:44:00 AM.

Three Louisiana State Police Troopers who took a side trip to Vegas during former Superintendent Mike Edmondson’s tenure and allegedly had themselves a night out on the town at the state’s expense have had their disciplinary sentences significantly reduced by the State Police Commission.

Metropolitan Crime Commission President Rafael Goyeneche says, that’s highly disappointing.

“All they did was weaken the image of that organization in the eyes of the people of Louisiana.”

The troopers had their original displaces handed down by the new Superintendent, which involved demotions and pay cuts for the 2016 trip that occurred on their way to a law enforcement conference in California. 

But they allegedly received permission from Edmondson to take a detour. The troopers claimed their actions were justified because of that permission, but Goyeneche says that defense shouldn’t have held up.

“Three of the four were senior veteran troopers, including the head of Internal Affairs at the time, who are trying to hide behind the fact that the superintendent said that it was ok.”

Goyeneche says the whole ordeal is a blow to a department looking for rebound and rebuild after a tenure he says was marked with corruption and malfeasance.

“If you are attempting to change the culture of a malfeasant superintendent, then the ruling today is a setback.”

The FBI has been investigating Edmonson for alleged improprieties during his nine-year tenure, but the probe has yet to result in any charges. 
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