Edwards, GOP trade barbs after special session collapse
Posted on 3/5/2018 7:01:00 PM.

Leaders from both sides are pointing fingers after the special session crashed and burned after 15 days of failed negotiations, leaving the state with no certain path to solving the one billion dollar fiscal cliff. GOP state representative Cameron Henry says Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards was unable to rally his side.

“I think the idea of the special session was not very well thought out by the governor, because he very clearly did not have the support of the people he thought he had, meaning the democratic caucus, specifically the black caucus.”

Henry says the governor failed to communicate exactly what he wanted, or how large of a shortfall needed to be made up.

“We go back to the same problem that we always had, meaning we all start off with the same number. Clearly the numbers aren’t clear for him on his vote counts, or the short fall.”

But Edwards is placing the blame on Republican House Speaker Taylor Barras.

“Simply put, the failure of this special session is the result of a total lack of leadership and action in the House of Representatives. A spectacular failure of leadership.”

Edwards is accusing Barras of reneging on a deal that was cut before the special session started.

The state is facing a billion dollar shortfall on July 1st, because of temporary sales taxes approved in 2016 are set to expire on June 30th. Edwards says the House has failed to provide a long term solution to Louisiana's fiscal situation.

“For the second time in as many years, not a single bill to address the cliff moved out of the House of Representatives for consideration by the Senate.”

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