Gaming Control Board Chair comments on sports betting in Louisiana
Posted on 5/16/2018 2:51:00 PM.

Dozens of states, including Mississippi, have passed legislation that will allow them to permit sports gaming in the wake of a US Supreme Court decision to allow it outside of Nevada, but Louisiana currently is not one of them. This year’s sports gaming bill was shot down in the legislature. But, Gaming Control Board Chairman Ronnie Jones says that could change next year.

  I think a good clue is going to be how the vote shakes out on the fantasy sports, which is going to be voted on by each Parrish”.

Despite reports that the new sports gaming market could be worth as much as 7 billion dollars, Jones says the actual fiscal impact of allowing the activity would be fairly tame.

“If you look at Nevada, sports betting amounts to about two to three percent of all of their gaming revenue in the state. It’s a low margin activity when it comes to revenue”.

Ronnie Jones, Gaming Control Board, Sports Betting

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