St. Landry priest accused of sexual abuse
Posted on 6/4/2018 5:24:00 PM.

The pastor of St. Peter Church in St. Landry Parish has been accused of sexual abuse of a minor in an alleged incident that occurred several years ago. 75-year-old Michael Guidry has been a priest for nearly 50 years, while running St. Peter for the last nine. Lafayette Bishop Doug Deshotel says the priest has been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation by law enforcement.

“If it was not then father can be restored, and his good name restored also, but if it is then there are civil penalties that will be applied, and also severe church canonical penalties.”

Guidry is also the head of the Resurrection Chapel in Whiteville.

Deshotel says the abuse occurred in a very small church community.

“St peters probably 75 to 100 families, and at Resurrection chapel maybe 50 families.”

The Catholic Church was been hit with claims of widespread, and covered up cases of sexual abuse of minors over the last decade, specifically cases involving priests who’ve been moved to other diocese after allegations surfaced. Deshotel says Guidry’s past record is clean.

“No priest who has been credibly accused is practicing as a priest in the diocese of Lafayette, or moved to practice anywhere else.”

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