Valentine's Day equals big business for Louisiana restaurants
Posted on 2/13/2014 4:08:00 PM.
Valentine's day rings up big sales for greeting cards, candy, jewelry and restaurants. Wendy Waren of the Louisiana Restaurant Association says many restaurants rent extra two person tables to ensure they have enough for loving couples to have a private meal together. Waren also says Valentine's day inspires customers to spend more when dining out. 

"According to 'Open Table,' last year, they said diners were prepared to spend an average of 139 dollars on dinner, and that's about two-thirds more than the typical check average of 85 dollars per couple."

Waren says restaurants also arrange for special items or attractions to add value and make a bit more profit for all those extras.

"Desserts, champagne, flowers, music... a lot of restaurants go out of their way to 'up' the romantic atmosphere to also 'up' the check average."

Nearly 70 million Americans will be dining out as part of their Valentine's celebration.

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