AARP Foundation announces $1 million in donations for flood recovery
Posted on 11/30/2016 5:22:00 AM.

The AARP Foundation announces one million dollars in donations are being used to assist older individuals impacted by the devastating August flood. Director of AARP Louisiana, Denise Bottcher, says the money went to 16 non-profit organizations who are assisting in the rebuilding efforts. Bottcher says over 7,400 donors provided money to help older flood victims get back in their homes.

“Older adults on fixed incomes will now have a glimmer of hope that they’ll have a homecoming at a later date.”

Governor John Bel Edwards says seeing the homes rebuilt with the money raised by AARP is inspiring. He says this donation is a blessing, because many senior citizen flood victims are on fixed incomes.

“They probably thought they had everything they needed for the rest of their lives to be safe and secure and then this unnamed storm came and flooded them and changed their lives.”

Edwards travels to Washington D.C. today to lobby for additional money for flood recovery. The governor is seeking over three-billion dollars in federal assistance…

“I’ll also be having meetings on Capitol Hill to make sure that we get the Community Development Block Grant funding in the continuing resolution to round out our recovery program.”

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