Congressman Abraham reacts to rising tensions between US, North Korea
Posted on 8/10/2017 3:48:00 AM.

As tensions run high between the US and North Korea, some are concerned a nuclear war could be in the making. President Donald Trump recently said North Korea will be met with fire, fury, and power if threats persist against the US.

Louisiana Congressman Ralph Abraham sits on the Armed Forces Committee and says the president is trying to send a message around the world.

“A lot of what he’s having to say, I think, is directed more towards China. China has got to step up if this is to work diplomatically,” Abraham said, “So hopefully both North Korea and China have received a message loud and clear.”

The United Nations Security Council voted to impose coal sanctions on North Korea. Abraham says coal makes up about 10 percent of North Korea’s gross domestic product and 40 percent of the exports. Abraham says China could bring North Korea to its knees by imposing additional sanctions.

“If we could get China to simply embargo oil and their oil products, then they could shut down North Korea in just a matter of a couple of weeks,” Abraham said.

Just hours after the President’s statement, the North Korean military announced it’s considering a missile strike on Guam, a US territory in the Pacific Ocean that’s home to thousands of American military personnel. Abraham says while the US has missile defense systems in place, it’s important to consider our allies as well.

“Our allies, such as Guam, Australia, Japan, and certainly South Korea, are within a very short striking distance of an intercontinental ballistic missile,” Abraham said, “So I think the alert has been raised, and it certainly has got to be maintained.”

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