Analyst discusses impacts of DXC in New Orleans
Posted on 11/14/2017 11:45:00 AM.

With the announcement of DXC Technology opening a digital transformation center, over 2,000 direct jobs will be created in New Orleans over the next seven to eight years.

Demographer Greg Rigamer says these new jobs are extremely significant for the technology community in the Crescent City. He says Louisiana provided $120 million in incentives to attract the company’s attention.

“There is real incentive for them to come here, this will really be welcomed in the city of New Orleans and Louisiana and may be a way to keep more of our college graduates in state.”

Rigamer says although it will take a while to create all the new jobs, we should see 300 jobs in 2018. He says seasoned employees in the technology field will be needed but this is also a great opportunity to get many young people into the industry.

“LSU, University of New Orleans and Delgado will develop workforce training programs, specifically designed to meet their needs, which is good.”

The average salary will be around $63,000 plus benefits. Rigamer hopes this new hub in New Orleans will attract local people into these high paying jobs rather than those outside of the community. He says creating this workforce will take time as DXC is not moving an operation here but building one.

“They’re coming from the ground up. We’re in 2017 now, we’re talking about 2025, that’s a life time in technology. A lot of things can happen in the interim but this is clearly a step in the right direction.”

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