Governor Edwards' staff member resigns over sexual harassment allegations
Posted on 11/23/2017 7:07:00 AM.
A member of the governor's staff has resigned as a result of sexual harassment allegations. learned Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs and Planning Johnny Anderson turned in his resignation on Wednesday. Deputy Chief of Staff Richard Carbo said in a statement that they take these allegations very seriously.
Carbo added that Anderson resigned within 24-hours of first learning of the allegations and an investigation is continuing.
Governor Edwards held his monthly "Ask the Governor" show on Wednesday and did not say anything about these specific allegations against Anderson, but the subject of sexual harassment in the work place came up. Edwards says in many of these cases the common theme is a man who is in a position of power and prestige. 
"And I can't help but think about all of the victims out there and who just want to go to work and learn the trade and pursue a profession that they like," Edwards said. 
Edwards hopes this discussion will result in H-R departments implementing solid policies that will help victims of sexual harassment come forward. 
"We can make sure people can go to work without having to be fearful that there's going to be some unwanted advance or some sort of harassment or offensive touching," Edwards said. 
Anderson formerly served as chairman of the Southern University of Board of Supervisors and WAFB-TV reported several years ago he was accused of sexual harassment 
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