Angola's Camp J has been closed due to crumbling infrastructure
Posted on 5/15/2018 1:22:00 PM.

One of Angola’s most restrictive housing units, Camp J, has been closed due to the facility's crumbling infrastructure. The cells at Camp J were used to house inmates in solitary for 23 hours a day. Department of Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc says the camp was no longer safe for use.

“It is a staff safety issue, an offender safety issue and a public safety issue keeping that place open.”

LeBlanc says some of the inmates have been moved to Hunt and Wade Correctional Facilities, but for the most part.

“We have found places for them in other parts of Angola, in what we call restricted housing areas that are more up to date, if you will, and the majority of them stayed in other restricted housing areas.”

LeBlanc says the decision is in part due to new standards that were adopted as a result of Angola partnering with Vera, an African American criminal justice reform organization, and the American Correctional Association. Leblanc:

“We are doing this very meticulously and making sure we do it in the right fashion, but I think it will in help, in general, Angola’s overall reputation.”

Camp J housed 400 inmates at its peak.

Angola State Penitentiary, Department of Corrections Secretary James LeBlanc

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