Attorney General Jeff Landry announces new policies to eliminate corruption
Posted on 2/18/2016 3:41:00 PM.

Attorney General Jeff Landry announces new polices that attempt to rid his department of public corruption. Landry says one new policy eliminates all outside government legal contracts with District Attorneys and their civil practices. And He says full-time lawyers in his office will no longer take on private legal cases on the side.

“Any lawyer employed by this department and engaged in the legal representation of the state will be precluded from practicing law outside of the department.”

Landry says he will permit his attorneys to do pro-bono work under circumstances where there are clearly no conflicts of interest. He also announced the termination of existing contracts with outside council in the BP litigation.

“Our intention is to have the Department of Justice’s environmental lawyers handle the remaining work as it relates to the Deepwater Horizon incident.”

Landry says the responsibility of the Attorney General’s office has not changed. He says they will keep working to find ways to make his office honest and ethical to make the people of Louisiana proud.

“Bad lawyering normally leads to bad law. What happened is that what we’ve seen is there has been a pattern of abuse inside of this office which is what we’re trying to ferret out.”

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