Baton Rouge and New Orleans rank in worst cities for allergies
Posted on 4/1/2014 4:57:00 AM.
Two Louisiana cities are ranked in the top 20 for the worst cities for spring allergies. Baton Rouge comes in at number 3 while New Orleans is 18th. This is according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. The group's Vice President Mike Tringale says they look at three things to decide these rankings.

"One is we look at pollen. Pollen is a major allergen every spring. We assess the pollen levels around the country from the previous year. The second thing we look at is how many allergy medications people use in each cities and the third thing we look at is the availability of health care," Tringale says.

Tringale says Baton Rouge was in tenth place last year. He says allergies have gotten worse over the past few decades and mixed with an increased amount of pollen proves the allergy epidemic is becoming more wide spread.

"Baton Rouge and New Orleans have always been in the upper 50s of our 100 city rankings. So it is no surprise you're in our top 10 this year," Tringale says. 

Tringale says it is import to visit with an allergist to make sure you are properly diagnosed. He says there are many different kinds of allergies and targeting yours will greatly improve how you feel.

"If you do have an allergy to any of the hundreds of allergic types trees or for people who have indoor allergies like to dust mites or pet dander, that is why it is important to get properly diagnosed so you know what it is that triggers your disease," Tringale says.

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