BR pharmaceutical company develops prostate cancer vaccine
Posted on 12/10/2015 3:26:00 AM.

A pharmaceutical company out of Baton Rouge has created a therapeutic vaccine for prostate cancer. Phase one of the therapy vaccine, ProscaVax, developed by OncBioMune Pharmaceuticals Inc, has been approved by the FDA. CEO Jonathan Head says there is a huge need for this product and so far in trials it’s been a success with very little side effects.

“We have already vaccinated over 300 patients. Mostly breast cancer and prostate, we’ve have no toxicity.”

Head says ProsaVax is a therapeutic vaccine and injected into the body after someone is diagnosed with prostate cancer. He says the goal is for this to be an alternative to radiation or surgery.

“This therapeutic vaccine can be moved into the early stage treatment without the morbidity and toxicity.”

Head says they hope the vaccine will be widely available in three years. He says hopefully the trial period will show that it can allow patients to live a normal life while undergoing treatment.

“If you can prevent them from having to have two other therapies, radiation or surgery, with their morbidities and give them a vaccine with no toxicity and they outlive their disease, then that’s a great success.”

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