Bill to allow surveillance cameras inside nursing home patient rooms passes House
Posted on 4/4/2018 9:08:00 PM.
New Orleans Rep. Helena Moreno’s bill to allow surveillance cameras inside nursing home patient rooms passed the House unanimously. Moreno says it will not only give residents and their family peace of mind, but it will protect employees also. 
"With a camera in a room, you can actually see the actual incident that happened. A camera in a room will be able to prove that yes this may have been just some type of accident."
The patient’s family would be responsible for cost of installing the video camera. Moreno says if a surveillance system is installed, there will not be any liability toward the nursing home.
"You have to sign a privacy waiver, so that right there limits the liability on the nursing home.  So you have to waive that privacy, but at the end of the day remember that it is your choice to install this."
Moreno says a roommate would have to agree with the installation of the camera. 
"Once you put this bill in place and the individual follows the guidelines that are in this bill, the resident will now have the option to put this camera in.  And that includes the privacy waiver, the consent, notice to the nursing home."
The measure now heads to the Senate. 
Helena Moreno, Kirk Talbot, nursing home

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