Louisiana's black homicide rate fifth highest in the nation
Posted on 1/15/2015 3:53:00 AM.
According to the Violence Policy Center, Louisiana has the fifth highest black homicide victimization rate in the nation.  The study details homicide rates for 2012.  

VPC executive director, Josh Sugarmann, says this is the ninth year they've conducted this report and Louisiana's black homicide rate far outpaces the national average.
"It's rate of 25.75 per 100,000 was much higher than the national rate of 18.03 per 100,000."

There were 384 black homicide victims in Louisiana in 2012.  Sugarmann says, in black homicides where the weapon used could be identified, one weapon stood out far above all others.

"87% of black homicide victims were killed with a gun.  Perhaps what's most striking is that of those guns, 92% of them were handguns."

Louisiana's black homicide rate is more than five times the overall homicide rate nationwide.  Sugarmann says the average age of a black homicide victim in Louisiana is 29-years-old.  He says what's striking about homicide, in general, is that the victims are usually male.

"When you look at Louisiana, of the 384 black homicide victims that we say, 340 were male and only 44 were female." 
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