Black bears have made a comeback in Louisiana and LDWF wants to help residents co-exist
Posted on 10/12/2017 12:16:00 PM.

As black bears have made a big comeback in the Bayou State, the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries encourages Louisianans to visit Black bear expert for LDWF Maria Davidson says there is now more interaction between black bears and the public.

“Any homeowner, landowner, hunter, hiker, backpacker, can go to this website and find a solution to any problem they might be having.”

The black bear was officially moved from the protected list in April of 2016. Davidson says the website is one stop shopping for bear conflict resolution. She says people who have never had to deal with bears before are having bears move into their areas.

“And whenever there are bears around, you might have to do things differently. And if you’re not used to what that is, it’s awfully good to have a resource like”

Davidson says residents can find information on bear proofing systems around homes and camps along with ways to secure trash cans.

“If we can prevent conflict from occurring in the first place, that’s a great thing but once it occurs there are certainly some steps we’d like people to take and they’re all on this website.”

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